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Setup , Installation, & Repair Services

Are you confronting issues with new router setup or with old one? Don’t worry!! Transfer you worries to us and we will provide quality solution to all your router related issues. We have dedicated team for router related issues who not only resolves your issues but also educates you for the same so that you don’t face such issues in near distant future. Our support services are unmatched as we don’t ask our customers to wait but instead resolve their issues with 99% customer satisfaction.

Router is one of the most prominent and extensively used networking device in today's technically advanced world. Using any device for a long time may deteriorate the performance. There are multiple issues users may face while using the device such as:

  • Router Installation and configuration.
  • Router not working
  • Router showing red light.
  • Internet not working.
  • Unable to reach router's web management page.
  • Forgot username and password.
  • Reset the router device.
  • Configure router in network.
  • No internet connection.
  • Slow or no internet connectivity.

There are many resources available on the internet that can help you resolve your issues within no time. When you bought a new router device, you need to install it and configure it with few settings in order to make it useful. Every new device comes with a user's manual that would guide you with step by step assistance.

How to install and configure a new router?

  • Connect the router device to the modem using WAN port at both the ends.
  • Make connection between LAN ports of router and the computer.
  • Switch on all the devices in sequence with modem at the priority.
  • Open any of the available web browsers on the computer.
  • You would find a URL tab at the top of that screen.
  • Put or as Router Login IP and press enter.
  • You would be redirected to the admin panel where username is admin and password is password. Remember these credentials are case-sensitive.
  • Click setup wizard and then select yes followed by Next.
  • You would be redirected to the router's web management page where you can select the mode of network i.e. Static, Dynamic, PPPoE etc.
  • Click next and the router saves the settings if you have selected the dyanmic nature of the network.
  • If you have opted for Static Configuration, you would be required to put values such as Public IP address, DHCP server credentials, wireless settings such as username (SSID) and password.

This would restart your router and all the settings would save automatically and the router is ready to be used.

This looks very easy for technically sound people but it may be hard for any laymen. Don't worry, you can opt for help available online anytime and from anywhere.

Services we provide:

  • Setup and configuration of router.
  • Troubleshooting router problems.
  • Hard Reset and soft reset the router.
  • Reset admin username and password for the router.
  • Resolving internet not working issues.
  • Resolving unstable router lights issues.
  • Making wireless or local network.

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